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Rebirth Alliance's Cards For Cancer Club

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A benefit fundraiser for the Rebirth Alliance's Cards For Cancer Club is scheduled for Monday, March 25, 2013, at the Jackson Medical Mall (Center Stage) from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. The Cards For Cancer Club program provides FREE $25-gas, $20-gift (for personal items, i.e., wigs, protein shakes, lotions to help relieve burst, radiated skin, bandages, etc.) and/or $15-meal cards to cancer patients currently going through chemotherapy and/or daily radiation. These patients have little to no income or insurance. Even in some cases when the cancer patient has Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, these out of pocket costs add up, and they still need assistance.

"As a former cancer patient, I know first hand how devastating a catastrophic illness like cancer can have on you financially and physically," Stephanie Parker-Weaver stated. "It is dehumanizing and embarrassing to have to ask somebody for help with your gas, food or other personal items that you need and must have to survive that is not in your monthly budget."

Parker-Weaver, a breast cancer survivor launched the Cards program on January 2, 2013, the 5th year anniversary of her being cancer-free. As long as cards last, no cancer patient who qualifies will be turned down, but preference will be given to breast cancer patients first. Funding for the Cards program is provided through generous donations and contributions from the public.

"I vowed that I didn't want another person to consider stopping their live-saving treatment regimen because they didn't have gas to get back and forth to treatment, food to eat when they don't feel well after their treatment, or money to buy the other personal things they might need in order to ease their cancer journey. This is why we started this program to provide free gift cards at no cost to the cancer patient to take away as many excuses from them for not fighting to save their own life from this devastating disease."

All cards carry the VISA or Mastercard logo so they can be used anywhere these debit cards are accepted.

"When a cancer patient needs what they need, they need it right then--not some two-three weeks later while a decision is being made by some invisible person sitting in their Ivory Tower looking down on us to determine if we are 'worthy' enough to receive help from their agency. We could literally die waiting on financial help if we miss our treatment schedule or follow up appointment.

"At Rebirth, when an applicant fills out their paperwork, if we can verify the information immediately with the cancer facility, we get the patient their cards within 24-48 hours. If a patient lives in a small town or city and needs a gas card to get to their next treatment, if necessary, we will drive to them or meet them halfway to deliver their card. This is also why we receive no grants or funding at this time from outside of the general public's generosity. Some patients may need more help, some less, depending on the circumstances." Rebirth Alliance is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.

The March 25 benefit is open to the general public. Must be 21 or older. Suggested minimum donation: Corporate/Business - $100; Individual - $25; Seniors/Current cancer patients - FREE. Music, card games, BINGO! and BUNKO offered for entertainment. Hors d'orves and refreshments served. Casual/business attire.

"We want everybody to come to the fundraiser and become a member of the Cards For Cancer Club to help those of us in the (cancer) club that nobody wants to become a member of," Parker-Weaver concluded.

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