WJTV News Channel 12 - Faith in Focus: Upgrade At Springfield Missionary Baptist Church

Faith in Focus: Upgrade At Springfield Missionary Baptist Church

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Carpenter, MS -

The Reverend Gregory Mayfield is a pastor out in Carpenter, Mississippi - a town on the edge of Copiah County.

His church community is the latest to be profiled in News Channel 12's series "Faith in Focus".

"You know, oftentimes we come in the church and we don't ever go outside the church, outside the building," Pastor Mayfield said.

"But in order to impact lives you've got to go out there where they are. If they won't come in you've got to go get 'em," Mayfield said.

When News Channel 12 decided to set up stories on local faith communities, we wanted to make sure the smaller churches were not ignored. (often their messages are just a strong as groups ten times their size).

Making that point is Springfield Missionary Baptist Church. Their members number at only about 50.

Deacon Robert Coleman often leads bible study in his longtime church.

"It's a small, small church. It's been around, actually, I just turned 59 and I was born in this little building right here," Coleman said.

Even with it's damage, Pastor Mayfield says the church is well-loved but outdated.

"It has served its time. It has done what it's supposed to do," Mayfield said.

If you take a look next door, however, you can see the communities future.

The new building is about twice the size of the church next to it. It's entering its third and final year of construction, Mayfield said.

But the decision to build was not easy, Mayfield said.

"I've seen ministries fold. I've seen large ministries fold because of debt," Mayfield said.

So, simply put, they didn't take any debt.

Instead they church relied on volunteering for much of this work. For example, Pastor Mayfield, who's also an electrician, wired the building.

"If it was a lock and key job, I would imagine a building like that would cost you around $600,000," Mayfield said.

"But, by the grace of god, we don't even have $200,000 in it," Mayfield said.

"It's amazing," church member Curtis Dixon adds. "It's altogether different. It looks like you're in a brand new world. This is beautiful."

"Again, it's because of the unity that we had there," Pastor Mayfield said.

"You know, the glue that we had there with one another and believing in one another, most of all believing in God. Knowing that nothing is too hard for God if we put our faith and trust in him," Mayfield said.

Now the task becomes filling the space after its furnished with the churches message along with its pews, Mayfield said.

"The word tells us that 'ye are the salt of the earth'. And if you're to salt then you're to season lives, all those life you come in contact with. And so, we have to share the gospel as number one and we have to be an example - we can't just talk but we have to walk the walk," Mayfield said.

"And it's a lot of people that are buried right out there...," Deacon Coleman said, while pointed to the cemetery next door,"...that put in hard time."

"They put in money. They put in all the sweat to put this thing where it needs to be," Coleman said.

"But even though they're not around they're still looking down and seeing the result," Coleman said.

The building is also a result of a longstanding tithe fund that was collected for a long time as church members struggled to decide whether or not to renovate, Mayfield said.

Church members say the hope to open their new doors this Summer.

And if you would like to share your church community with the viewers of WJTV News Channel 12, send Jacob Kittilstad an email at jkittilstad@wjtv.com or call him at 601-664-8839.

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