WJTV News Channel 12 - FAITH IN FOCUS: The L.A.B. Checks-in to Clinton

FAITH IN FOCUS: The L.A.B. Checks-in to Clinton

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Clinton, MS -

It might be "youngest" church ever featured here on WJTV News Channel 12.

TYe Lighthouse Assembly of Believers (or simply the LAB) was founded in January of 2013 in Clinton.

The non-denominational group does not have a pastor but is led by a lead teacher. The reasoning is that all attendees should be viewed as equals.

Last Sunday, the room in Clinton used by the LAB was tight with worshippers. One of them was Gary Griffin who's been attending for the last two months.

He says the lead teacher, Brother Devin Boone, is the reason.

"And he's genuine. He's like that because he is genuine," Griffin said.

"I mean, there's no hidden agenda for him. It's just that he wants to see the people do better, the community do better," Griffin said.

Boone shared what the thought process was behind the creation of the church.

"It's pretty simple. We've gone back in time, basically. We just come together to read some scriptures, we pray, we serve the lord's supper, and we discuss god's word," Boone said.

Brother Boone is one month away from turning 30. His youth adds to his energy.

The church is based on First Corinthians - when the Disciple Paul calls for no divisions in the church.

The unique approach is matched by a surprising meeting place.

"It is kind of a jump to leave a traditional church and come to a hotel room," Griffin said.

Services for the LAB are held at Clinton's Super 8 every Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

Of course, that means it is not the most ornamental church you could visit. But organizers say what they lack in frills they make up for in devotion."

"He says that an avalanche starts with just one snowflake. So as we continue to roll and continue to grow things will continue to expand. And we will continue to do things in god's will and he will bless us," Boone said.

"Everything people try to obtain they'll never keep. Everything is going to perish at some point. But if you just rely and put your trust in Christ you'll be fine. We also want to develop mature Christians. That's pretty much our entire mission," Boone said.

Krishna Boone, church co-founder and Devin's wife, said getting attendance up has been a trial.

"We have to get out of the bed," Krishna Boone said.

"My one-year-old, my five-year-old, we have to work. My five-year-old loves it. He just loves doing outreach. So yes, it's been a sacrifice for us but it's been a great sacrifice," Krishna Boone said.

Griffin said he understands why Devin Boone is pushing ahead on his mission.

"It hadn't been easy but his faith is the fact that God called him to do this and therefore he's not worried about it. He just has to be obedient and keep going forward," Griffin said.

"It is really great to be here," Boone added.

"There is no place we'd rather be because we understand that what god's blessed us with, that's what god's blessed us with. and we're going to do the most with it," Boone said.

Both Boones, husband and wife, are teachers. They say they structure their services using skills they picked up in the classroom - trying to get people to comprehend all aspects of the sermon's message.

Also, being in a hotel the LAB often connects with travelers looking for a place to pray on the road.


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