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Pastor Lori Lindsey Leads Service through Song

FAITH IN FOCUS: Jackson Church Works to 'Breakthrough' in Impoverished Areas

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Pastor Lori Lindsey says it all started in her home. In 2006 she joined the ministry and in the past year her Apostolic-based worship services moved to a new location.

At the "Breakthrough Ministries Apostolic Faith Worship Center", Pastor Lindsey uses a soaring voice - confident and building.

Building, she says, from when those first kids started coming to her door in a poor Jackson neighborhood.

"I had some snow cones and it started out like that. Just with some little snow cones," Pastor Lindsey said.

"I found out that it was a lot of children that were left at home alone with no fathers. And so if was just something that was on the inside of me that wanted to reach out," Pastor Lindsey said.

Evangelist Ora Adams is the pastor's go-to person. She says she's helping support the church in during its location change.

"Everybody that's in a poverty-stricken state is not because they're just lazy and don't care. Life takes people through changes. And here at 'Breakthrough' we tend to believe that God loves everybody," Adams said.

"I understand that young people know when you're real or not. Or if you're fake. And so they understand when you really show them love it really helps them to want to change," Pastor Lindsey said.

Since the move to their new building, Pastor Lindsey says they're working on growing their membership. They're offering day-care services for people with young children and are working on dance and athletic ministries to continue involvement with kids - a goal going back to those first days of work with kids from struggling households.

"And some of the children hadn't even been hugged since they were a child. So it started like that. Just showing love and that's what God requires of us - to show love," Pastor Lindsey said.

'Breakthrough' is located at 1830 South West Street, offering many services including one at 9 a.m. on Sundays.

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