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Parents speak out at against bullying at Wythe County School Board Meeting

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WSLS follows up on parents concerns about bullying in Wythe County Schools.

'My son is redheaded. He's been called names like wicked, step child," writes one Wythe County parent. "Currently, he's being called gay."

"My daughter didn't want to go to school, quit eating and wanted to die," writes another Wythe County parent.

These are quotes from messages sent to reporter Katie Love by concerned parents who have children in the Wythe County school system.

Wythe County parent Bobby Mullins isn't surprised. He says bullying isn't just in Wythe County though, it's a problem in many schools.

He says after our WSLS story aired he was flooded with similar e-mails and phone calls.

"The response was overwhelming, especially from such a small community and particularly that night, my phone went off well past 1 a.m.," Mullins says.

Many of the e-mails he received he says were just heartbreaking to read.

"Children that were removed from school to go to home-bound studies, because they couldn't go to school anymore," Mullins says. "Children that had resorted to self mutilation and other children looked at dropping out of school all together."

Mullins and a few other parents are speaking at the Wythe County school board meeting.

He says his goal isn't to target the school system, but for parents and the school to work together to make sure students aren't suffering in silence.

"The bullies are no longer the ones in the leather coat looking to take our milk money. The bullies are any one body, anyone and everyone, who has access to a computer...

"If we stop right now, it's going to be the same old same old,"Mullin says. "We've got to go forward. We've got to make the powers of be aware of what's going on and move forward from there and make changes."

Changes to make sure students are taught both at home and at school that what you say can have a lasting impact.

The Wythe County superintendent says any bullying issue reported to the school will be investigated. He says parents just need to make sure they are communicating with the school.

Poem written by Wythe County student about bullying:

I walk the halls and I hide from their stares
Some say words and giggle with menacing glares
I want to run away, but that's no reason

I hide the bruises on my arms
All the teachers are subdued by their charms
I want to speak up and say look at me
But that's no reason

I cry myself to sleep each night
Wishing just one of them could see my fright.
I'm going to scream leave me alone
And run back to my safe home
But that's no reason

I've had enough, no one can hear my pain
Each and every day it's all the same
I spoke up once and I was told
You're very brave and very bold
But that's no reason.

No reason to not laugh with the boy
He's just being a kid
He's only trying to annoy
So that's no reason

You should ignore the girl
Despite the fact that she's destroyed your world
Just smile at her and wave
She's just a girl and will behave
So that's no reason

Now the pain is too much to bear
I lay me down and an oath I swear
No more will I be bullied and made to cry
They can't bother me after I die

I know and feel my parents love
They treat me so gentle like a dove
But this pain is so great, it defeats all love
So that's no reason

No reason to stay and hurt anymore
So now I will knock on Heaven's door
I've done no wrong and He will let me in
To be bullied no more and feel love again

So to stay here and die
Or be lifted up and hear cries?
That's my reason

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