WJTV News Channel 12 - Snow and ice isn't the only danger for snow crews

Snow and ice isn't the only danger for snow crews

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While many drivers are trying to avoid the icy roads, snow plow crews are the first to head out in the storm to help get you where you’re going safely.

WSLS rode along with Jamie King in Roanoke City as he worked to de-ice roads in the middle of the storm.

And if slick roads weren't bad enough, we noticed the drivers around him were making his job even more dangerous.

"A lot of times people are in a big ol’ hurry,” King said.

And when we are spreading salt or pushing snow sometimes they will try to pass us and when we are trying to concentrate on not sliding around and getting the snow off of the pavement or spreading the salt in an efficient way and a car starts to pass me illegally. It can be very hazardous."

We followed these trucks around and saw firsthand that this happens more than you may think. It actually happens quite often.

On the flip side, looking through his rear view mirror shows that visibility for snow plow drivers is very limited.

 "The closer somebody is to the back of the truck. the less you can see them."

But that doesn't stop drivers from tailgating despite these big orange signs that clearly indicate to stay 150 feet away.

We spoke with city superintendent Dwayne D'Ardenne about the problem.

"I our guys and gals are just out there doing their job and they need some space,” D’Ardenne said.

With frantic drivers in snowy conditions that's not always the case.

"These guys are professionals. They've been doing it for years and years. And a little respect from the public could go a long, long way," D’Ardenne said.

And after experiencing firsthand what drivers like King deal with during the storm. It’s safe to say they deserve a little patience from the public while there working to keep you safe.

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