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Police investigate wild classroom fight caught on camera in Augusta

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AUGUSTA, GA -- Richmond County School Board Police are investigating a fight that broke out inside a local classroom Tuesday. It was all caught on camera. 

WJBF-TV went straight to the police chief to ask what many of you parents want to know: what's being done to prevent fights in school?

On the video, a girl enters a classroom and attacks a teenage boy. School police say the consequences of this fight should provide a lesson for all students.

As students watched with shock and desks scattered across the floor, a teenage boy and girl can be seen on this video fighting despite classmates begging for them to stop. At one point in the video, a person is being beaten while on the floor.

That person is thrown into some desks and then seems to later retrieve a laptop computer and bash the other student with it before another round of the melee starts.

After a few seconds, a school police officer steps in to separate the students and get them out of the classroom.

School officials say they are working to make sure what was caught on video isn't played out in local classrooms again.

In fact, earlier this week officers attended a mandatory meeting on dealing with bullying and fighting. 

Richmond County Board of Education Chief of Police Alphonzo Williams explains, "we are saying to our officers, you investigate every single incident of bullying. You take it very serious. You jump on it right away and let's get some resolution to it. Let's be problem solvers."

While there are allegations that this fight started over bullying, Chief Williams says students should come to school police and leaders before taking it out on each other.

 "We find that the majority of the time the incident has not been reported to anybody and it's usually not an episode of bullying as much as it is a mutual combatants," says Chief Williams.

He says while the fight happened in a classroom, the lessons on how to prevent it start at home. "The training starts at home. This is an opportunity for both parents to see what they can do to hold their kids accountable," adds Chief Williams.

The two students who were fighting have been suspended for ten days and will face a tribunal hearing. Also, the student who taped the fight will be disciplined. School police say they hope all students will learn a lesson about fighting and the improper use of electronics at school.

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