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Tea Party Leader Janis Lane and Two Others Found Locked Inside Courthouse Basement After Election

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     Three members of the Mississippi Tea Party were found locked inside the Hinds County Courthouse the early hours of Wednesday morning, just outside where the ballots are kept.
    According to the Hinds County Sheriff's office, they were found locked in the basement around 2:30am in the area where the ballots are counted, which is right outside the doors to the County Clerk's Office.
    Hinds County Republican Party Chairman Pete Perry says that he got a call from Mississippi Tea Party Leader, Janis Lane around 2:00am saying she was locked inside, and according to the Hinds County Sheriff's office, she was accompanied by two other Tea Partiers, Scott Brewster, and Rob Chambers,
    Perry says he didn't have a key, so he had to call a sheriff's deputy to come and get them out. Perry explained, " I had to spend a few minutes trying to convince him that it was a legitimate story, because it just didn't sound like it made sense, the parts just didn't add up." According to Perry, Lane said they were in the building because they wanted to watch the ballots being counted, in an area he says was clearly empty.
     Hinds County Election Commissioner, Connie Cochran says they gained access into the building through a door in the back that was left open by accident.
She says she doesn't know what they were doing there and doesn't buy their story, saying, " I think it's rather strange that somebody would be out around 1:00 in the morning wanting to observe the electoral process."
    An investigation is going on right now with the Hinds County Sheriff's Office to get down to the bottom of this mystery, but the good news is none of the ballots were tampered with. County Clerk Barbara Dunn wants to reassure everyone that no one got into her office where the ballot vault is housed. "I have an alarm system that is set every night. they could not have been locked up in my office with the security I do have.", she explained.
    As for the Tea Partiers, Hinds County Sheriff Spokesman, Othor Cain says, "We're still trying to determine how they got in there, what they were looking for, to whom they were communicating with, but at this point no charges have been filed."
    Both Pete Perry and Connie Cochran have said they believed another woman was also locked inside the courthouse with Janis Lane, however those claims have not been confirmed by police. We will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments.

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