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Cochran Has "Word of Warning" For Likely McDaniel Supporters

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Senator Thad Cochran has a "word of warning" for voters considering supporting his challenger, state senator Chris McDaniel, in the crucial June 24th primary runoff.  

"My opponent says he's not going to spend money like I spend money we'll you not gonna have road and bridges and we're not gonna have a lot of things that are essential to our economic betterment and growth opportunities if you if you follow his plan and cut all these programs,” Cochran said after greeting employees at a Richland trucking company Thursday morning.

Facing the end of a long and distinguished career if he loses the Republican senate runoff race, Senator Cochran is taking off the gloves and stepping up his attacks.

This week Cochran called McDaniel’s opposition to spending tax dollars “extreme and dangerous."

“There's absolutely  nothing extreme about wanting to balance our budget there's nothing dangerous about wanting to adhere to the civil liberties protected in our constitution," McDaniel said in response.

Cochran said “I'm not attacking anyone I'm responding to questions people have about my record I'm not talking about anybody else.”
A new Cochran TV ad plays up his record in Congress supporting major industries in the state.

 "Our aerospace industry, shipbuilding military bases Thad Cochran’s strong leadership makes it happen," said the 30 second spot.

Meanwhile, the pro-McDaniel PAC, Club for Growth is airing a new ad accusing Cochran of losing touch with voters after more than four decades in Washington.

“Thad Cochran is entitled to respect, he's not entitled to a life time in the senate," said the voice of a female narrator.

After his Rankin county stop, Cochran took his campaign to Gulf Coast. McDaniel met with voters and reporters in northeast Mississippi.

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