Melanie Christopher

Melanie Christopher has been a member of the WJTV family since 1982, when she was hired as a talk show host for the WJTV noon show.

A mother, health advocate, and renowned animal lover, Melanie quickly worked her way through the ranks of the newsroom, eventually taking over as WJTV evening news anchor. To Melanie, the news isn’t just thirty minutes of crime, weather, and sports, it’s an in-depth look into questions and issues that affect her home of Jackson, Mississippi.

Tax hikes, gas prices, education—whatever the subject, if it affects Mississippians, Melanie takes a personal interest. Some of her biggest stories included the Neshoba County trial of Edgar Ray Killen and covering Hurricane Katrina.

Melanie has won multiple Associated Press awards. She’s a graduated of Oglethorpe University in Georgia; she majored in English. Join Melanie for the WJTV Evening News, weekdays at 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm on WJTV 12.

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