EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – A new group of 600 migrants arrived Thursday just south of Juarez with the intent of crossing into the United States.

Video footage obtained by El Diario shows several groups of people huddled on top of boxcars as the train approaches Juarez, Mexico. The newspaper reported that employees of the state-owned Ferromex rail line stopped the train before coming to a Mexican military checkpoint and told the migrants to get off and “be on their way.”

A KTSM/Border Report photo crew captured the arrival of hundreds of migrants mostly from Venezuela to the town of Samalayuca one hour’s drive south of Juarez. Most of the migrants walked along the rail tracks with nothing but the clothes on their backs, while others carried backpacks, sacks of clothing and large water jugs.

Most getting off the train were single adults but at least one man can be seen in the videos carrying a child on his back. In Samalayuca, migrants could be seen using cellphones to notify family members of their arrival or to arrange for rides to Juarez. Migrants approached said their intent was to seek asylum in the United States.

Thursday’s arrival of the estimated 600 new migrants comes on the heels of another group of 500 who rode the train all the way to Juarez. Municipal police took 200 of those 500 to shelters.