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Invite Nature In: Midea Delivers a Breath of Fresh Air with Midea GAIA Split AC

  • Inspired by nature, Midea GAIA provides a real fresh air experience with its innovative OxygenFresh Air Exchange System which brings in purified outdoor air.

FOSHAN, China, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Midea has officially launched the Midea GAIA AC, an innovative split AC system that delivers a real nature-like air experience. With its OxygenFresh Air Exchange System, i-Clean function, and Breezeless Technology, Midea GAIA is the AC of choice to bring the benefits of fresh air indoors.

Modern households spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, with demand for a more hygienic homes and superior air quality exploding in the wake of COVID-19. A new consumer report reveals that 1 in 5 consumers are very concerned about the air quality at homes. However, the conventional AC systems, which are popularly assumed to be capable of improving interior air quality, actually only support indoor air circulation. Therefore, the relatively high indoor carbon dioxide concentrations can lead to both physical and mental discomfort.

Midea GAIA tackles these challenges by combining air conditioning with advanced air ventilation, bringing in fresh air from outdoors so people can enjoy every breath they take indoors. Its innovative OxygenFresh Air Exchange System, under specified installation conditions, introduces up to 60m³/h of purified fresh air from outdoors using an H13 HEPA filter with a filtering rate of 99.95%. By bringing freshness in and letting staleness out, households will have a well-ventilated indoor space for daily activities.

Moreover, Midea GAIA's UL-certified Antibacterial Air Solution ensures a high disinfection performance, with 99.9% efficacy for eliminating Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Psudomonas Ariginosa, and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

At Midea, it is believed that the best air experience comes from Mother Nature and that the best air conditioning should imitate nature and deliver a breath of fresh air. With the cutting-edge science and technology, Midea GAIA simulates nature's forces to bring a fresh and clean air experience to thousands of homes.

In addition to the OxygenFresh Air Exchange System, Midea GAIA is equipped with an industry-leading i-Clean function, as well as Breezeless Technology that transforms strong airflow into thousands of tiny strings of air. This ensures a nature-like air experience, even for sensitive family members who need it most, including the elderly and children.

Midea GAIA can be connected and seamlessly controlled using MSmartHome App on user's smart phones, or voice commands via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri. With convenient features such as remote control, data monitoring and reminders, after-sales service and a content hub housed in one app, MSmartHome app provides a truly one-stop solution, bringing the smart home experience to users in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. It can also connect to other Midea appliances and other overseas brands, including Toshiba, Comfee and Arctic King. This connectivity will gradually help users to realize distributed and independent collaboration between various home appliances.

Midea GAIA represents the pinnacle of Midea Residential Air Conditioner (RAC) Division's product development tailored to local markets. With over RMB45 billion (approximately US$7 billion) invested into R&D over the past five years, Midea's humanizing-technology philosophy and user-centric R&D approach integrate local considerations at every stage of the process to conceptualize and optimize solutions tailored for users' needs.

Midea already has multiple R&D centers in Europe, with its most recent opening in Stuttgart, Germany. Furthermore, Midea has established its R&D and Innovation Center Europe in Austria focused on R&D for the European markets, constantly exploring and innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of European households.

Contact: Charlotte Liu,, +86-13106836020

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