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From Sea to Shining Sea -Events That Offer Hope are Set to Culminate with 'The Best You' Expo in Los Angeles-March 3-5

The  Best You, set for March 3 through 5, brings together at the Los Angeles Convention Center

The convergence of the highly anticipated 'The Best You 'presents opportunities to participate in the sharing of a local-to-global vision whether a participant, an exhibitor or a guest

Past and present Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Brian Rose, Paul Mc Kenna, Barbara de Angelis, Marie Diamond, Dr John de Martini, Lisa Nichols, among hundreds more. Also gracing the stage have been such motivational luminari

For a current list of Speakers and Participants visit 'The Best You' website

Following a two year hiatus,  The Best you is Back to the joy of 9000 + guests and attendees

The Best You is one part master class in public speaking that meets an exposition of groundbreaking innovation and an abundant dose of celebration.

Gatherings both large and small are sweeping the nation. Conscious communities are forming to help define how people should interact in the “new normal”.

'The Best You' joins the most distinguished motivational speakers & thought leaders serving up a potent elixir for bettering human engagement, re-learning intimacy while embracing abundance.”
— Bernardo Moya, Author and Motivational Speaker
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Los Angeles/CA At the outset of the new millennium, the American psyche, as well as that of most nations, underwent a profound change in the flash of the Twin Towers fireball. This horrific incident was followed in short measure by the scourge of an unwieldy global virus. As of January 14, 2023, the World Health Organization has confirmed COVID-19 cases are at 661,545,258 https://covid19.who.int/ and they continue to morph and escalate. With 6,700,519 deaths and millions more still living in guarded isolation our image of invincibility and self-confidence has been shattered. From this raw sensitivity, even the most benign instance can serve as an emotional trigger.

Having reached a nadir in how we humans interact in today’s fear-based and divisive social climate; is it any wonder that a groundswell of events, summits , forums and conferences , such as 'The Best You Expo', March 3-5, 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center are addressing profound issues that impact us all?

Confirms Bernardo Moya, esteemed author of 'A Man Evolving: Confessions about monogamy, passion and broken hearts' and Founder of 'The Best You Expo', “For almost a decade we at 'The Best You' have connected inspirational speakers, authors, and thought leaders with guests seeking to become the best version of themselves. We are driven to help people who are seeking inspiration, motivation and want to discover and sustain a life of fulfillment. 'The Best You' is a safe place to learn, be inspired and be guided in word and action”. For all those wishing to grow, connect, elevate consciousness or find inspiration and motivation here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage directly with world leaders, successful entrepreneurs, international speakers, celebrities and best-selling authors.

'The Best You' has featured in years past and present Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Brian Rose, Paul Mc Kenna, Barbara de Angelis, Marie Diamond, Dr John de Martini, Lisa Nichols, among hundreds more. Also gracing the stage have been such motivational luminaries such as Dr. Sonja Stribling, Leigh Steinberg , Caroline Cory, David T. Fagan and Scott Duffy and Les Brown who was Keynote Speaker at the recent 'Health - Wealth and Self Summit', presided over by Eric Stoller, TV and Podcast Personality of 'I Am Champion Mindset' Studios, headquartered in South Florida.

"The Best You Expo' returns this year after a pandemic induced two year time-out. The program features a heady lineup to unfurl on 10 stages with 180 + exhibitors and over 150 speakers. Admission is complimentary for now!

The undeniable fact is that motivational-centric summits, events, expos and master classes are the new recreational and educational outlet. One may say that elevating one's consciousnesses has become big business. What better place to make an investment than in healing ourselves, our communities and in turn our world?

'The Best You Expo' serves up a potent elixir for bettering human engagement with a heavy dose of empathy. The outcome of 'The Best You' is to explore what brings us together, what do we seek as a human being and as a collective humanity. We share in how to achieve our individual and planetary aspirational goals," opines Bernardo Moya, The Best You Founder who is living his truth. There is a collective agreement he is as kind and generous on stage, as off.

Succinctly, Bernardo Moya describes 'The Best You', as a place to set down guideposts on a path to achieve one's health, abundance and inner peace. “We at 'The Best You' care, we listen and we provide our guests, participants and exhibitors the skills, tools, knowledge, wisdom and one-on-one interface with the world’s foremost experts to enhance and improve lives. Ultimately, we help people discover their true purpose. We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and make the world a better place!,” Bernardo says enthusiastically in a mellifluous British brogue.

“Against a backdrop of the media’s incessant need for a soundbite and the public’s insatiable interest in the sensational and salacious; we tend to forget how much positivity and goodness prevails throughout society. 'The Best You Expo' with at least 10,000 persons in attendance advances personal and professional development for everyone, everywhere!” states Moya.

Topics will run the gamut from mental awareness, inclusivity, spiritual enlightenment, natural health and ways to consume less and share more as we learn to embrace a more sustainable, eco-friendly and empathetic lifestyle. For the evolving program of speakers, exhibitors and complimentary admissions visit Eventbrite and key in: the-best-you-expo 2023.

Act now and visit the website https://www.thebestyou.co/ for Complimentary Admissions, available for only a short time as space is limited. Confirm your exhibition space while you can still take advantage of the plethora for advance marketing opportunities and branding deliverables. "Best to act now!" confirms Emilia Jorio, Mr. Moya's the indispensable executive assistant.

By Cristiane Roget, Sr Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

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