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LRQA Focuses on Advancing Middle East's Sustainability Goals and Recognizes Dubai Maritime City's Operational Excellence

LRQA chairman, Martin Blackburn (right), Dubai Maritime City representative (Left)

LRQA promotes sustainability in the Middle East and acknowledges operational excellence standards at Dubai Maritime City.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dubai Maritime City (DMC) recently achieved a noteworthy milestone in operational excellence by obtaining the ISO 9001 certification for Property Management and Leasing at Jadaf. LRQA's Chairman, Martin Blackburn, presented the certification, highlighting DMC's commitment to quality and recognizing the team's collaborative efforts in the certification process. The ISO 9001 certification further solidifies DMC's position as a benchmark for property management and leasing standards within the dynamic maritime industry.

In a strategic lead-up to COP28, LRQA also hosted a Leadership Series in Dubai, exploring the crucial aspects of sustainability, ESG trends, and cyber assurance in the Middle East. Esteemed industry leaders gathered for insightful discussions focused on achieving net-zero emissions and the importance of robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

The event featured a dedicated panel session exploring the sustainability landscape in global trade, providing a platform for showcasing client experiences with LRQA. Notably, Petrochemical Industries Company highlighted positive outcomes and improvements resulting from their engagement with LRQA's training initiatives. Another session delved into DP World’s Greenhouse Gas accounting and reporting strategy, showcasing LRQA's impact on its clients.

LRQA Chairman Martin Blackburn took center stage, articulating the evolving landscape and LRQA's commitment to delivering solutions aligned with clients' evolving requirements and organizational goals. He expressed,

"Through our LRQA Leadership Series, we aimed to provide clients with leading insights and solutions to support their global sustainability agendas. The event facilitated discussions on challenges and opportunities businesses encounter. From the dialogues in the room to the insights gained, we trust the event contributed to charting the course toward achieving net zero by 2050, exploring strategies to foresee, alleviate, and manage risks, setting the stage for impactful discussions at COP28."

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