The Neshoba County Fair wasn’t the only place in the political spirit, in Warren County the local chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority held a meet the candidates forum.

There were many candidates taking the podium from the governor’s race all the way down to County Board of Supervisors and with Warren County being a battle ground for many offices those running got right down to business. 

It was held in the courthouse where Warren County voters entered with pen and paper ready to ask questions. 

“My first question is how do you propose to fix the racial gap in Mississippi Home loan?” Karen Fredrick said. 

“Look at the justice system again,” Lenzy Fisher said. “I’m hoping that they would fix that because you know crime is going up and people are losing their lives for no reason at all.”

The forum kicked off with the governor’s race featuring candidates Velesha Williams, Robert J. Ray, and Albert Wilson who hit the ground running promoting their platforms. 

“I know that we can have affordable healthcare for all,” candidate Williams stated. “I know that we can have quality education, economic stability, criminal justice reform, a stable infrastructure and protect our environment.”

“This is going to fix everything,” Candidate Ray said about his plans. “This fixes the healthcare system, this fixes the school system, this fixes the old system and it’s coming. So you’ve got to have something to fix something with.”

“My community center called Genesis and Light Center, with this community center 25 years ago it set up different programs that help citizens,” candidate Wilson said. “And so as governor I want to help bring those same programs to help Mississippi.”

Following their statements questions came in from the audience most of which centered on what candidates will do for criminal justice reform. 

“Person goes to court and they offer him a plea deal and he doesn’t take it, and goes to court and losses his case than he gets life is prison,” candidate Ray argued. “That’s insanity.” 

“We first deal with the root of the problem and that’s making sure our educational system is fixed,” candidate Williams said. “We have got to combine quality education.”

“I would like to have more federal funding with the continued program,” candidate Wilson said. “Trying to get them from one point to another point where they’re constructive citizens in our community.” 

Other top democratic candidates for governor were at the Neshoba County fair such as Robert Smith and Jim Hood