East Coast Sox Baseball gives college players an opportunity to play competitive ball this summer

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The Honor The Game league includes 68 Division 1 players, 25 of those being in the SEC.

East Coast Sox Baseball’s Honor The Game college league is a hot spot for Division 1 talent this summer. The organization gives athletes an opportunity to gain exposure to professional scouts. This is the league’s first season and includes 68 Division 1 players, 25 of those being in the SEC. 

Vice President and Director of East Coast Sox Baseball Eric Dubose says the purpose of the league was to give college baseball players a safe place closer to home to help keep their game ready for next season.

“Coming out here and getting these college guys reps that they missed in the spring is something we want to carry over into next year just because we are surrounded by so many good colleges and so much baseball talent,” said Dubose.

The unique benefit for players in the East Coast Sox league is that not only are professional scouts watching the games, the scouts themselevs are the coaches.

“We have the pro scouts coaching the team so it’s sort of like a pro event,” he said. “We move the guys around and put them in the positions that the scouts want to see them play.”

East Coast Sox coach and Philadelphia Phillies scout Mike Stauffer reiterates the importance of live action play after the college spring season was cut short.

“You can take BP, take route balls, you can do bull pens, but any time you get somebody to do it live and making in-game adjustments I think that’s the number one thing that you have to do is go play,” said Stauffer.

Central Hinds Academy alum and Mississippi State junior Tanner Leggett says he has even seen improvement in his own game being surrounded by such elite talent in this league.

“It’s huge as far as experience,” Leggett said. “I got out there and played with some bigger guys which created a better mindset for me and as I get my year back and come back I’ll get to fill their shoes.”

Niagara Falls, Ontario native and Alabama Freshman All-American Owen Diodati decided to stay with a teammate this sumemr so he could make up for losing his first college season. 

“Not being able to play that whole season and play SEC play especially as a freshman that’s experience that can be very valuable moving forward,” he said. “Being able to come out here and kind of make up for those games has been huge for development and for our team getting better.”

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