CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Students at Clinton High School are loving their Automotive Class where they learn how cars function.

Teacher Eric Henson said he is teaching 46 students this semester.

“The first year focuses on safety first, and then we go into engines,” said Henson, “We just came back so we are starting electrical, then after that we are going to do brakes.”

Henson said students already did an engine swap, took another apart, and will put it back together. Students work on their own vehicles or ones belonging to teachers or staff members.

“I hope students take away from this class common sense things, how stuff is put together and certainly how to act in a workplace environment,” said Henson.

Student Cayden Wells said he did not know much about cars before taking the class. He said he learned a lot.

“From how engines are run, to all the electrical portions of it and just anything in between,” said Wells.

Wells said having this knowledge is beneficial.

“Well you do not want to not know anything about it because you could get ripped off by sketchy mechanics,” said Wells, “But if you do it yourself you can save yourself a lot of money and you can learn to pass it down through generations.”

Student Devin Franklin said he joined the class because he wanted to expand his knowledge.

“I have been knowing cars my whole life,” said Franklin, “This is just what I want to do.”

And he has a message for students wondering about the class.

“Do it,” said Franklin.

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