Cool Schools: Crystal Springs Elementary teaches students real life skills

Cool Schools

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) – There are a lot of ways teachers can make learning more fun. In Copiah County, a middle school teacher is hosting mock trials and is having her students debate with each other.

Ms. Tigler is a 5th grade teacher at Crystal Springs. She came up with the “Fairytale Trials” to make teaching more engaging. She gave her class a fairytale book to read and gave them court positions for the trial.

“I was trying to find something to get my students ready for midterms,” said Ms. Tigler, “Something that held them accountable for their own learning as well as something fun and engaging for them.”

Ms. Tigler said students were given instructions on how a trial went.

“They had a glossary of law terms to use in their trial,” said Ms. Tigler, “They also had different roles defined for them, as well as which groups were participating with which fairytale.”

When it came for the trial, the Principal and the Vice Principal judged.

“It taught practical, real life skills,” said Crystal Springs Middle School Principal, Ivory Gray.

Assistant Principal Attarius Norwood said he is happy to have a teacher who thinks of creative ways to get students engaged.

“It is nice to see the students get into the roles and be involved in the story and their roles as jurors, attorneys and witnesses,” said Norwood “They put a lot of thought into it.”

The mock trial not only got students to read, but taught them persuasive argument skills, critical thinking and the concept of different perspectives. Skills these kids can use in real life.

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