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Cool Schools

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Clinton Public School District is celebrating 50 years of serving students. The Nye family has played a role for nearly the same amount of time.
Three generations of Clinton teachers began with Kaye Jordan, who started her teaching math at Clinton High in 1974. She taught in Clinton for nearly 30 years before retiring.
“She actually taught me my senior year in high school,” Kathy Nye, Jordan’s daughter, said.
Nye realized her calling to follow her mother’s career in teaching after considering fashion merchandising.
By the time her daughters, Jordan’s granddaughters were off to college, the tradition had been set.
“They were always helping me with stuff. They’re incredibly creative. So, they’re always making posters for me, doing different things. It’s always been sort of like a family affair,” Nye said of her daughters’ upbringing.
Kathy, who has been teaching for 15 years, is now at Eastside Elementary.
Just next door is her daughter Phoebe, a dyslexia therapist at Northside Elementary. “Seeing them when I was growing up, just how they positively affected so many other student’s lives. I just want to have that same effect,” Phoebe Head said.
Kathy’s daughter Kelly followed grandma Jordan’s footsteps and now teaches geometry at Sumner Hill. “She tutored me all throughout high school. Or sometimes she would even talk to me on the phone while we did our math homework. So, she really instilled a love for math in me,” Kelly Keith said.
Being raised by educators, the expectations were high for the Nye sisters. Now the challenge is to take a breather from school talk.
Outside of work, Kelly sometimes takes charge to make the group stop talking about school.
Kathy Nye believes they were all called to the profession; that teaching is in their DNA. “We
not in this for the money. We’re doing this because we are called to be educators and to work with children.”
Grandma Jordan passed away nearly a decade ago.
Kathy Nye has another daughter and son who didn’t choose the teacher path. And she’s not a grandma yet.
But when asked, everyone agreed that a fourth generation of teachers would be welcomed.

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