Cool Schools: Bates Elementary School

Cool Schools

The key to starting your day on the right foot is having a morning routine.

This South Jackson school does what they can to make sure students are in the right mind space.

Bates Elementary is this week’s “Cool School.”

Morning announcements at Bates are like having an Amazon Echo. But instead of having to call on “Alexa,” the students announcers for the day already know what you need to hear.

From the word of the day, to weather, and even the lunch menu.

“All classes can have the opportunity to do the morning announcements, to be able to be public speakers, to be able to read,” Principal Stephen Johnson said. He’s another person “Alexa” can’t compare to.

“You are uniquely designed to be great and to do great things. There is nothing impossible with you,” Principal Johnson affirms to the students over the intercom, before leading them in the daily chant.

All the throughout the classrooms, the chant bounces off the walls, “Motivated, motivated, down right dedicated! You check us out! You check us out! Smooooth!”

Principal Johnson finds it important to start the morning with positivity. “With our scholars and our staff, we never know what they may have gone through the day prior, or the night prior.”

A student comes in with their head low, and by the time the announcements are over, they have a smile.

It’s a simple routine, done by many schools. But it teaches the power of speaking positivity into your day.

I have a morning mantra of my own.

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