CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Every year, fifth grade students from Eastside Elementary School walk to Northside Elementary School to teach second graders how to code for an hour.

“Fifth graders came over and got with our students,” said second grade teacher Ginger Douell, “We were in groups of three and four and we had one fifth grade student per group and they taught them how to code.”

The event is called “Hour of Code.” Second graders learn how to code, and fifth graders learn how to lead.

“It is just a really good way for our fifth graders to come down and be leaders,” said Douell, “Our younger students get very excited.”

Fifth grade computer science teacher Jana Chao said they do the Hour of Code to expose computer science to younger students.

“For kids who have struggled in other subject areas maybe they are not the greatest reader, maybe they struggle a little bit, maybe math is hard for them, they can step into that role and see themselves to be successful in that,” said Chao.

Chao’s son, John, attends Northside Elementary School. He said he enjoyed the experience.

“The person that worked for me was really funny,” said John.

Chao said students look forward to Hour of Code each year.

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