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CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – If a routine morning cup of coffee is what sets the bar for the rest of the day, then teachers at Clinton High are getting top tier grounds.

Every Friday, the Arrow Brew coffee cart wheels out of Mrs. Lindsey Pardue’s classroom, loaded with hot coffee and a team of bubbly baristas. 

While the aroma is rich, it’s the warm hearts that draw teachers into the hallway for a cup of joe.

“We have caramel and we got Ethiopian,” one student says after being prompted by Pardue.  

Another student responds to the teacher who has slipped out of their classroom, “that will be $1.50”. 

Arrow brew got rolling after Pardue received a grant from the Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society. She wanted to put into action the skills her students are learning in the classroom.

The cart gives them experience in social skills, daily living skills, counting money and making change. It also helps them feel more included in the school. “I like it the most,” one student said after being asked how they like working the coffee cart.

“I hope that it is a starting point for other schools to do something similar. One of the missions of CMDSS is to promote inclusion and awareness of students with Down Syndrome…I think that this shows inclusion in the school and student body. And that’s important for them.”

Jennifer Babl, Executive Director of the Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

So far, arrow brew has sold well over 65 cups of coffee. The money earned will help fund field trips and other projects for the students.

“I even got an email yesterday from another principal at another school who asked us to bring the coffee cart to their school for their teachers,” Pardue said.

Right now, the Arrow Brew coffee cart only sells to teachers. But they’re working on possibly expanding it to students too. 

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