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One of life’s biggest lessons is money management. But you can’t grasp the whole thing in a classroom.

Columbia High School is making sure students still have an opportunity to learn it with an in school credit union.

“They’re shocked that we as high schoolers are able to run a credit union and work with actual money,” Senior Jennifer Stringer said. Stringer, and along with three other students, work in one of two student run Ferguson Federal Credit Unions in the state.

They went through training to be able to serve their classmates and teachers from the credit union, which is set-up in a room off the school’s library.

Two days a week, the credit union is open for account holders to make transactions.

The only they can’t do is process loans.

“Just to be able to come in here during school time and not have to worry about finding a ride to the bank to make sure you can get your stuff is really nice,” Senior Jade Slemaker said.

The credit union brings convenience. But it’s also providing a lesson in financial literacy.

And for some students, it’s their introduction to responsible money management.

“A young man, he came and opened an account. And he said ‘Will you teach me how to write a check?’ They need to know these things. Not wait until they’re out in the world,” Kathy Morgan said. She oversees the student workers.

The sweetener for the student workers is that they will be given a scholarship and a full-time job offer from Ferguson Federal Credit Union upon graduation.


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