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Florence Elementary holds mock election for Mississippi gubernatorial race

FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – With about 2 weeks left until the Mississippi general election, some citizens who are too young to make an official vote cast an early ballot for who they would like to be governor.

For the second year, Florence Elementary organized a mock election day.

Third through fifth graders tucked themselves into polling booths to fill the bubble beside Jim Hood, Tate Reeves, Bob Hickingbottom, or David R. Singletary.

“We’ve had speakers come in and speak to all of our students about the importance of voting…And we have been teaching these students to research each candidate and know who you’re voting for, and that their voice matters,” Principal Amanda Clark said.

Mock voter registration cards in hand, the littlest of Mississippi’s constituents are learning what it means to “rock the vote.”

“It’s important because in the future we’re going to have to do this,” said Harvest Hall, a 4th grader at Florence Elementary.

“If you didn’t vote and you really wanted someone to win, then maybe the other person will win…And every vote counts,” said Logan Dyess, who is also in the 4th grade.

What’s a mock voting precinct without volunteer poll workers? Fifth grade volunteers lined the mock polling precinct, directing others on what to do.

“I was checking off the people’s names on their voter ID card,” Rush Parker said.

“I was supposed to make sure everyone put their ballots in the box and give out stickers,” Chloe Johnese said.

The mock voting experience is supposed to encourage the kids to get registered when they become 18 years old.

And if you’re wondering, the winner of the mock election was Tate Reeves, with 252 votes. Jim Hood came in second place with 208 votes.

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