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FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) – If you live in Florence, odds are you know the name Josh Sexton.

The entire community treats him like he’s everyone’s little brother.

Sexton is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed twice with osteosarcoma. Once it was in his arm, and he had to get it amputated. The second time it was in his leg.

His journey began 3 years ago. “When he was first diagnosed, it hit our community pretty hard because he was so young. So now every time his family needs something or he needs something, we kind of all just band together,” said Josey White. 

White is a senior at Florence High School.

Each year for homecoming week, the school does a service project. And this year the project was to raise money to help get Josh’s dog get trained to be a service animal.

Sexton doesn’t complain about having to use a cane and sometimes a wheelchair.

But, a service dog would help. “Mostly balance or walking if I ever need that, because my balance is really bad right now…Since I write, the paper always moves so I can’t hold it down. So we’re thinking if I could bring it to the school, she could put her paw or her head on the paper so I can write evenly,” Sexton said.

Sexton recently received a puppy named Winter, but she needs proper service dog training.

It’s an $8,000 cost. Florence High School clubs sold candy grams and t-shirts. Football players collected money. So far, the school with the help of the community has raised $4,000.

“It feels like I’m actually appreciated here,” Sexton said.

If you want to donate, you can do so through the Seth Harris Childhood Cancer Foundation.


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