CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Clinton High School students are learning Law and Public Safety from a former FBI agent.

Jeff Franks has been teaching at Clinton High School for five years. Prior to this he had a different career.

“I was a 22 year veteran of the FBI,” said Franks, “My last assignment was here in Jackson.”

In this elective class, students learn handgun safety, how to work a crime scene, even some Jiu Jitsu among other activities.

“We will actually go out in golf carts and they will wear DUI goggles, and it simulates being drunk and how that affects your coordination and how unsafe it is,” said Franks.

Franks is not just a former agent, but a licensed attorney as well. He does mock trials with his students to teach them about the legal system.

One of Frank’s students, Destiny Carpenter, said she learned a lot from the class.

“We use real equipment that has been donated to us and I highly recommend it,” said Carpenter.

Franks said he wanted to teach after retiring from the FBI because he wanted to give back to students who might be interested in taking law enforcement. He also said the skills he teaches students are practical skills they can use in real life.