Cool Schools: Germantown High School’s Academy of Healthcare Excellence

Cool Schools

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV)- Germantown High School’s Academy of Healthcare Excellence is a program that offers a college preparatory academic curriculum for students interested in healthcare careers.

The program offers students real-life experience. Recently, students were able to speak with medical staff who offer ambulance transport via helicopter. Essence Baker is a student of the program. She said she enjoyed meeting the staff.

“We got to experience the AirCare come to our school which is phenomenal,” said Baker, “The AirCare I thought would be bigger. It was amazing to see how they downsized everything.”

Melinda Brady is a teacher at the program. She said students learn a lot.

“Ninth grade year we do a lot of infection control, medical terminology and learn the basics,” said Brady, “Tenth grade year is a lot of anatomy and physiology. Eleventh grade year is where students can pick their skillset – clinical services or sports medicine.”

Sophia Gueieri is a senior with the program. She said it has solidified her career choice.

“I want to get into pediatric oncology and help diagnose and treat cancer,” said Gueieri.

Gueieri is coming out of the program prepared. She is now certified with CPR and first aid.

Students go on field trips, shadow healthcare professionals and do community service activities.

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