Cool Schools: Highland Bluff Elementary rewards students for good behavior

Cool Schools

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – When you enter Highland Bluff Elementary you will see a case filled with prizes at the corner of the school lobby called the “Bluff Market.”

Principal Josh Jones said if students behave well, they get rewarded with something called Bluff Bucks which can then be used to purchase prizes.

“Each class has a designated time to visit the marketplace,” said Jones, “So kids see the case every day and know what they are working towards.”

Teachers and staff carry Bluff Bucks and use an online program to track good behavior.

“Each class is different,” said Jones, “So some teachers might set it up in a way where a student has to have five points in the class to earn a buck,” said Jones.

The point of having Bluff Bucks and creating Bluff Market is to encourage students to behave well.

Fifth grader, Tanner Bryant, remembers the first time he saw the marketplace. He said it is a great idea.

“I think it is awesome because you want to do good so you can have this stuff,” said Bryant.

Administrators are raising money by selling bluff bands to buy the students prizes. The bands cost a dollar each.

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