Cool Schools: Lake Elementary Girl Scouts are about more than cookies

Cool Schools

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Girl Scout cookie season is officially here!

But you should know that cookies aren’t all the scouts are good for.

In this week’s Cool Schools, 12 News’ Candace Coleman caught up with Troop 4237 at Lake Elementary while they gave back to their school.

The scouts started the after school meeting just like every other; reciting the Girl Scout pledge to serve. And they immediately put some action behind the words.

The scouts were sprucing up the plant beds around the school, where the troop is based. It’s a project they just started but will continue throughout the year.

Every other week, the group of kindergarten through 5th-grade girls learn badge worthy skills they will take into adulthood, while also having fun.

The troop is lead by Hazel Gaines and Cassandra Stovall, who combined have decades of experience with local scouts.

“This is two years here at Lake, and over 30 years at Pearl Street,” Stovall said. Pearl Street is another troop based in the community.

“I retired from Lake. I was their librarian for 11 years. In this same area, I was the mail carrier for 15 years. So, I’m very used to this neighborhood, and I wanted to give them something extra.”

Stovall points out why having a school-based group in the community is important, “It helps the parents with transportation, number one. Then it helps the girls widen their horizon with an extra-curricular activity.”

Right now, the scouts have kicked off their most notorious activity, cookie- selling season!

The money earned from the delicious cookies will be used to send the troop to weekend camp, where they’ll learn more team building, to give back to their school.

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