Jackson, Miss. (WJTV) – The Lanier High School National Alumni Association raises thousands of dollars for Lanier High School each year.

Every year the association holds an event where they hand a check to the school. This year they raised $13,000. More than a dozen alumni showed up to the event.

Xavius Levy graduated from Lanier High School in 2002. He attended the event and raised money for the association.

“I am from this community,” said Levy, “This school has had a tremendous impact on my upbringing. I had tons of teachers and counselors who care. I have built life long friendships with some of my classmates who I am friends with until this day.”

Levy and his former classmate, Tiffany Brown, came up with the idea to raise money during homecoming.

“Homecoming is a great way to get together and celebrate,” said Brown.

For Brown, Lanier gave her more than an education.

“It did not just give me a high school diploma,” said Brown, “It gave me a place that could feel like home.”

For other alumni, giving back can mean giving their time. Beverly Williams graduated from Lanier High School in 1979. She volunteers until this day.

“I understand there is a need for additional help within the school system and I would like to use my law enforcement knowledge and my ability to communicate with the young people to give back,” said Williams.

The Lanier High School Alumni Association represents their school wherever they go. They will continue giving back to a place that not only gave them an education, but a home.

The money raised will go towards helping the High School’s current students. If you would like to donate, click here.

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