Cool Schools: Lanier HS Alumni continues to give back

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Lanier High School Alumni Association continues to show their support for their school, especially in a time when donations are needed now more than ever.

The alumni association donated $10,000 to their alma mater on October 20th, 2020.

For senior citizens, going out in the midst of a pandemic can be risky.

“We appreciate you coming down this morning,” said Alumni, Hazel Bryant Shields from the podium, “We know a lot of folks, especially in our age group are a little leery about being out.”

But for these Bulldogs, their main concern was helping the current students. So more than a dozen alumni showed up. Temperatures were checked at the door, people had to use hand sanitizer, and had to write their names down before entering.

The alumni association has been raising funds for the school for years.

“Times are hard for everybody,” said Shields, “But if you think they are hard for you, think how hard it must be for the kids.”

Shields graduated from Lanier High in 1966. She said the school has changed a lot.

“But one thing never changes about Lanier,” said Shields, “And that’s how everyone was a community.”

The Principal of Lanier High School, Valerie Bradley, said the association has been donating funds for years.

“One thing I am excited about is they never lost focus and each year make a donation of this size,” said Bradley.

Bradley said they will use the funds to purchase electronics, devices, and equipment for students and teachers.

Alumni Cleophus Amdeson graduated from Lanier High School in 1962. He said he and others continue to give back because the school means a lot to him.

“This is what got me started,” said Amdeson, “The teachers, the people, the neighborhood. It was all a village. I am proud to be a part of that.”


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