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Cool Schools

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – At least two things continue to change when it comes to all schools. Those changes are the way they’re kept safe, and the way students use technology.

Students at one Madison school are using their new skills to help prevent future tragedies.

The students were asked to create a ‘See Something, Say Something’ video for the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security

“The point of the PSA was to raise awareness, and to show students just like us the warning signs are the bubbles, and to reach out to those people who are hurting and could potentially be dangerous,” Junior Erin Mckee said.

MOHS asked wanted the people who school shootings affect to lead the charge.

From the concept to the editing, students from the school’s Academy of Media and Communications held the reigns.

“We wanted to make sure that it wasn’t like every other shooter campaign that’s been done, because they haven’t really worked,” Junior Emma Harrington said. “You don’t want to make the shooter look cool. So we decided not to involve the shooter,” Junior Ella Ward said.

This project is one of many Ward has had a hand in. She said, “this main thing I want to do when I grow up, is produce films and be on the set of things.”

Because of the academy, Ward and about 300 other students will graduate with media experience many people don’t get until college.

“They’re going to be industry certified by Apple and by Adobe. So they’ll have the exact same training as real professionals,” David Cress said.

Cress teaches high tech video production. He says he spends much of his own money to buy professional equipment for the students, along with using grant money.

Every week, the students use the equipment to produce professional level hype videos for the football team.

He even built a sound booth to so students can record their own music.

“Any job that you’re going to do, you’re going to need to create web content. You’re going to need to create marketing and advertising campaigns. You’re going to want to do these things. So from a technology standpoint, what we’re teaching is really 21st century education, which is where Mississippi really needs to be,” Cress said.


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