MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Presidential Scholar Award is a prestigious award thousands of students apply for each year. Only 2 in each state are chosen. This year, one of those students is a Madison County teen.

Matthew Yin is a senior at Madison Central High School. He was honored with the Presidential Scholar award this year.

“I definitely put a lot of effort into it,” said Yin, “You can see nominations from the people in Mississippi. To think that every single one of those kids also had a 36 in their ACT and was extremely qualified and I was selected among them is crazy to think about.”

Yin’s Calculus teacher, Kristen Cooley, does not think it is crazy at all.

“As a student he always did his work,” said Cooley, “He was always a great thinker.”

This is no small feat, especially with students having to adjust to virtual learning for sometime due to the pandemic. So how did he manage to stay above his studies?

“Everyday I keep a schedule of myself on what I am supposed to do,” said Yin, “It keeps me in shape and mentally in shape. I can plan out what I am doing better. I can orient my task in a way that helps my own learning.”

Yin also gives credit to the Madison County School District.

“A lot of people that receive the award in previous years came from private schools,” said Yin, “I think it has been a while since someone from Mississippi Public School went through the whole system and achieved this kind of award.”

Madison Central High School Principal, Sean Brewer, believes it is students like Yin who make the school a leader in education in the state.

“It is students like Matthew and his peers that are competing with each other learning from each other who continue to bring the bar even higher.”

“I just want to thank my parents and siblings for always being there for me,” said Yin.

Yin said he could not have done it without his family.