MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mannsdale Elementary School is getting students into the holiday spirit by decorating the halls.

Entering the school during the holidays is like stepping into a holiday wonderland. First grader Avery Hinton expected the decorations, but was surprised when she actually saw them.

“I thought it was going to be something less than this,” said Hinton, “Like how do they do all of this?”

The Parent Teacher Organization and staff decorated the halls, but many of the decorations were made by the students. Mannsdale Elementary Principal Emily Mulhollen said it is all thanks to their art program.

“We are an arts-integrated school so we work hard on having kids decorate the decorations,” said Mulhollen.

Teachers are using the arts to teach concepts in Math, Language Arts and Reading.

“I think it is important because when kids do hands-on art activities they see how they can get involved, learn things and get their hands busy,” said Mulhollen, “It exhibits creativity and imagination.”

First Grade Teacher Kristen Dell said the decorations make a difference.

“It makes me love to come to work every single day because it makes me excited to teach,” said Dell.

Mannsdale Elementary was recognized by the school district for their Christmas Décor.

“The excitement about Christmas is just at a whole other level,” said Mulhollen.

The school decorates to get students excited about going to school and make learning fun.

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