JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mission First Early Learning Center is teaching students real-life skills while having fun.

The school dedicated a whole week to teaching their preschoolers about different jobs in our community.

Mission Early Learning Center’s Board Member, Stephanie Henderson, said they did this to help students develop an appreciation and understanding of what our community members do.

“They picked their uniforms and what role they want to play,” Henderson.

Four-year-old Jacob Buckley learned about what farmers do.

“They feed some chickens, cows and dogs,” said Buckley.

Students also learned about police officers, firefighters, grocery workers among other occupations. There were different stations meant to teach kids the specifics of the job.

“First and foremost developmentally it is great for children,” said Henderson, “Our children came into the workspaces and interacted with the items.”

After a week, real community members met with students at the school.

“As they interact with all the different professions, their vocabulary will expand and will help them in the long run,” said Henderson.

A learning experience that made students smile, and one they will never forget.

You can enroll your kids to Mission First Early Learning Center. It is for kids three to five years old and will cost $50 a month. For more information head to their website: Community Support | Jackson, MS | Mission First Early Learning Center (missionfirstelc.org)

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