JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some proactive students in Jackson are making their voices heard in a creative way.

Students from the Jackson Public School District created two videos encouraging students to mask up. Several of those students attend Murrah High School.

12th Grader Jouri Thornton said with COVD-19 cases rising, they wanted to create videos highlighting the need for masks.

“So the premise behind one of the videos is that we had a superhero that promotes wearing masks properly, and a villain that would go around taking people’s masks,” said Thornton, “The purpose of our video is to get K through Sixth Graders to wear their mask properly since most of them cannot get vaccinated.”

10th Grader Joshua Jasper said they collaborated with students from other JPS schools to plan ideas for the videos.

“It was around maybe 10 or 11 students that were chosen to do the video,” said Jasper, “They were chosen to do the video based on their talent. So people were singing, acting, and rapping.”

Jasper said the best way people can protect themselves from COVID-19 is by masking up.

“What I want people to take from the video is to please wear your masks, it does not matter if it is a sports mask. A mask is a mask.”

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