RICHLAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Students at Richland High School can take classes to learn how to become a firefighter.

Micah Sanford is the teacher of the Fire Academy at the high school. He is also a firefighter for the City of Richland.

“We cover everything from the medical side, so we do vital signs, trauma calls, get in the fire service, rope rescue, extraction, search and rescue,” said Sanford.

Any student can join the class.

“We teach sophomores to seniors, it is a two year program,” said Sanford, “Our sophomores and juniors can take it two years consecutively. Our seniors can take it all in one double block type class in one year.”

Their intention is to give students who want to pursue firefighting all the tools they need.

“We want to give them the best step forward if they want to graduate and want to be a firefighter or an EMT,” said Sanford, “We want them to be able to graduate and go right into the field.”

Micah Lane is a sophomore who attends the class. He said he is interested in becoming a firefighter or an EMT in the future. He said he has learned a lot from the class so far.

“I learned a lot about search and rescue,” said Lane, “What you do when you pull into a fire, and if you have a car fire.”

Students will also accomplish their CPR certifications.

Sanford said some of his students who graduated ended up becoming firefighters and EMT’s. He hopes his current students who want to pursue this career path succeed.

Sanford said they are looking for donations like lumber or gear other fire departments no longer need. If you know a school, teacher, or student doing something cool send an email to