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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Surrounded by dozens of robotics competition trophies, Nathan Morgan and Fernando Guerrero spend most of their time engineering projects at school.

Their newest project looks like a typical trash can. But it’s actually a solar powered recycling bin.

Knowing the students’ talents, City of Ridgeland leaders tasked the two teens with the job to create the bins.

They plan to take their design to modify bins all across the city’s parks and trails to encourage people to keep the city clean.

Why do the bins need to be solar powered? Because every time someone puts trash in them, they play music or a voice thanks the good samaritan for keeping the city clean.

“They had research that showed that positive feedback via audio would encourage people to recycle more,” Morgan said. “So whenever the door opens, it makes a noise.”

Morgan and Guerrero are almost in the final stages of the design. They need to waterproof the hardware used to make the noises. “I believe we’re going to make this a bit easier for someone else to assemble,” Morgan said.

The innovation from this duo is only going to keep getting better.

Both plan to go to the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Morgan wants to study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. While Guerrero wants to major in Computer Engineering and minor in Mechanical Engineering.

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