Cool Schools: Saint Joseph’s Catholic School teaches Broadcast Journalism

Cool Schools

MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – There are many things that make schools unique. What separates Saint Joseph’s Catholic School from other schools is their Broadcast Journalism class.

Terry Cassreino teaches the elective class. Students from 7th to 12th grade can take it.

“The skills they learn in this class are amazing and will come in handy in whatever profession they get into,” said Cassreino, “They learn how to write, research, interview people, how to speak in public, how to think on their feet. It is a real life class. They come out with some really important skills to help them in whatever they do.”

Students turn in newscasts once a week. They also have a radio class.

“I tell the kids there is not a lot of places where high school students have the opportunity to produce a three hour live broadcast every Friday night,” said Cassreino.

The newscast has won many awards and has been recognized not just nationally, but internationally as well. 12th grader, Josh Briscoe, won third place for his sports package in an international competition called Quill & Scroll International Honor Society for High School Journalists.

“Winning third place was a big accomplishment of mine, and you know it was kind of surprising, but I knew I did pretty well on the package,” said Briscoe.

This is Briscoe’s second year taking the class.

“My favorite part would be going out and finding stories like the package I did,” said Briscoe.

Saint Joseph’s Catholic School’s Prinicpal, Dena Kinsey PHD, is happy with the class. She had a similar class when she was in high school.

“I have a background in high school journalism so this is where my heart lies already,” said Kinsey, “I have a love for this and it helped me grow and be where I am today. I still credit my journalism program and my teacher for giving me the confidence to stand in front of people.”

Many students of Cassreino have chosen to pursue Broadcast Journalism after taking the class. A former student has even interned at 60 minutes.

“It goes back to the quality of students I have,” said Cassreino, “When they get into class they realize how much fun it is and they get bitten by the bug.”

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