JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – First year students at UMMC School of Dentistry were welcomed to their first day of school in a fun way.

Second year dental student Johntre Goudy played music for students as they entered the classroom.

“I said whoever comes in last has to dance,” said Goudy.

First year dental student Denton Garvey remembers the moment he walked in.

“I was kind of nervous walking in,” said Garvey, “I was like ten minutes early to class. I thought surely I would not be the last one.”

Garvey actually was the last one. So Garvey had to dance with a faculty member in front of all his classmates. He thought he could go back to his seat after her was done but Goudy was not finished with him just yet.

“I said hold on,” said Goudy, “You have got to dance with me.”

Goudy said he was shocked with Garvey’s moves.

“I did not now he could dance,” said Goudy.

Garvey enjoyed the challenge.

“It just lightened the mood and made it fun for the first day,” said Garvey.

Goudy said he is glad he made the first day fun. He said it is important to put smiles on peoples faces, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

“You know why? Because if I smile it means whatever I am going through has not beat me yet,” said Goudy, “Second thing is… do not forget to floss!”

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