Cool Schools: The Clinton Arrows

Cool Schools

The staff and students at Clinton High voted for special needs student Erin Jenkins to participate in the Beauty and Beau Pageant.

“Honestly I don’t think we coordinated that,” said Mary Clair Ford, a student. “I just think we all know her and love her and want her to be able to compete in something like that.”

Life Skills teacher Lindsey Purdue says she noticed something special in Jenkins at the school dance. 

She keeps a smile even though she endured a tough childhood. 

Doctors told her mom, she would never walk or talk. That’s because she was born with a hole in her heart and a restricted esophagus. She pushed through some surgeries, so she knew she could compete in the pageant.

“I’m just proud of all the hard work that she put into the pageant,” Purdue said. “We had worked probably a month and a half we practiced her walk every single day in class classmates were the audience and judges, and we practiced her interview questions every single day, and she worked hard every single day.”

Jenkins did not win the crown, but all of the Clinton Arrows are proud of her confidence.

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