CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) –  Mississippi College in August appears as idyllic as ever. Students started moving back in over the weekend.

Dr. Blake Thompson is the President of Mississippi College.

He says, “What makes M-C special, I believe is the community that we have, and we’ve started to rebuild that community safely and carefully.”

That means temperature checks, hand sanitizer stations all across campus and social distancing, oh, and masks, plenty of masks.

Dr. Jim Turcotte is the Vice President and Executive Director of Alumni Affairs at M-C.

He says,” We just decided one day that we were going to need masks, and our alumni are always helping us, so we asked them to help, and they did.”

Taylor Ormon is the Associate Director of Career Services.

She explains, “So I made about 35 masks, and then we just had different alumni volunteer and mail them in. It was an awesome response.”

That adds up to 800 well-made masks and counting.

Dr. Turcotte says, “This is a double layer mask that will cut down on the transmission of anything that comes out of a person’s mouth or nose. So it helps everybody be safer.”

Masks come into the Alumni Office then they’re onto the School of Nursing, where they are distributed for free.

Taylor adds, “We encouraged our alumni to have them M-C. Obviously, they didn’t have to but, they all really are in the spirit and so most of them are blue and gold or have some type of M-C logo on them.”

President Thompson concludes, “The monogram is just perfect. I am proud of it, and glad I got first choice of masks.”

It’s good to be President. Wrap those faces in blue gold.

Alumni from 5 states sent in masks. Dr. Thompson wrote each one of them a handwritten thank you note.