One Week Later: Undocumented Immigrants arrested in Mississippi seek legal advice


It’s been one week since immigration customs enforcement pulled off the largest single raid in United States history. 

But the burden still remains on children and family members released with what comes next and how much help they’ll need. 12 News Alex Love spoke to churches and legal organizations has more on this matter.

It’s been seven days since nearly 700 undocumented immigrants were detained at several Mississippi food plants. But communities are still shaking.

“Individuals still want to know where their loved ones are,” Dalila Reynoso of Justice For Our Neighbors said.

“We are specifically concerned with the well being, safety, and stability of families,” Jasmine Haynes with Mississippi United Methodist Conference stated.

Since the raids, nearly half of the undocumented immigrants released have been brought back home and reunited with their kids and families. But now comes the legal process. 

“A friend of mine that is an immigration attorney has taken some cases on,” Reynoso told us. “So we’re here for those individuals and working on their bond packets right now.”

While working with each household in Scott County losing a loved one in the ICE raids, Mrs. Reynoso described to us the harsh stories she’s heard from families of plant workers.

These employees were mistreated and if they wanted to get in a different department that they had to pay their supervisor $1,000,” Reynoso claimed. “One young lady told me they are the thieves.”

Many questions remain where kids and released workers go from here. Local churches are still reaching out. 

“Asking how am I going to be able to provide for my family? What is next for me?” Reynoso said. “There’s no job here, should I move? Figuring out what to do next?”

Food for those who need it is available; there’s also been an intake process for those who want to find out more information, what they can do to find their loved ones, any kind of help they can find. 

Legal advice and donated goods are still being given out at St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Trinity Missionary Center in Forest. To find out how you can get involved contact The United Methodist Church Mississippi Conference at 601-354-0515. Or St. Michael’s Catholic Church at 601-469-1916.

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