A street in southwestern Jackson has experienced it’s second shooting in the last five weeks leaving homeowners asking why?

The situation broke out this afternoon when authorities responded to a call of shots fired at 1771 Shady Lane Dr. off Raymond Rd. When they got there, they found the second dead body on the street this summer. 

“When I first saw them up there I said something has happened again,” homeowner G.W Edwards told us.  

After 35 days of peace Jackson Police and Paramedics lined the street of Shady Lane Drive where a fight that led to a shooting. 

“We do have a deceased female, it appears that there was some type of altercation inside the residence that led to this shooting,” Sgt. Rodrick Holmes stated. “We do not know what exactly what led to that altercation, but we do have a couple of people being detained right now.”

The female victim has been identified as 22-year-old Iiyannaii Dawson who was found with a single gunshot wound in the upper body dead at the scene. 

“Our investigators are actively working, it’s still an active crime scene,” Sgt. Holmes said. “They’re working to gather that information from the individuals we have detained. So hopefully we’ll be able to gather that information to find out who the shooter was.”

This comes after 63-year-old Earl Lee Clark was killed back in July three houses up the road. Now neighbors are calling for the violence to stop. 

“We’ve got a little get together back at our church that we meet up at,” Edwards explained. “Trying to keep everything as it is getting our street here fixed. We haven’t got it yet but we’re working on it.”

For Edwards Shady Lane Dr. has been his home for over two decades. Keeping him determined to never abandon the place he raised his family. 

“After them houses got fixed up and people started renting them we’ve seen a lot of crap lately,” Edwards said. “First we had the man now we have the lady.”

Authorities currently believe they’re on a lead that will lead them to the person who fired the weapon. This marks Jackson’s 60th homicide of the year.