Update on charges Madison County gunman faces and Deputy’s conditions


We continue our coverage of gunman Edgar Egbert appearing in court today and Madison County Deputy Brad Sullivan who’s still fighting for his life.

The support for Deputy Sullivan continues to grow from people even outside the Madison County Sheriffs Office.

Edgar Egbert made his first appearance in the Rankin County Courthouse late this afternoon. Prosecutors laid out multiple charges against him.

One day after causing mayhem in quiet rural Madison County Edgar Egbert of Canton was cuffed and shackled to face justice.

“Yesterday was obviously one of those days that you hope and pray never happens,” District Attorney John Bramlett stated. “But it did. Make no mistake about it the Madison County Sheriff’s Office saved lives yesterday.”

Egbert was released from the hospital after taking a gunshot to the shoulder. He was then taken into custody by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations. He was granted no bond.

“I have filed six charges against him,” Attorney Bramlett continued. “For attempted murder on all Madison County Sheriff’s Office Deputies that he opened fire on. Felony fleeing, and we’ve also charged him with kidnapping.”

Deputy Brad Sullivan remains in critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to the head and is in surgery fighting for his life.

“It hasn’t gotten any better,” Attorney Bramlett told us. “The Deputy is still critical and the best thing everybody can do is just keep him, the family, the medical team there in their prayers.”

But one long-time friend of Deputy Sullivan is combining his prayers with action with the group First Responders of Mississippi.

“They will need long term physical care as well as emotional, and spiritual care,” Scott Steel said. “And First Responders of Mississippi offers all of that. So we can provide immediate financial assistance to these families for medical treatment and bills.”

To contribute you can visit First Responders of Mississippi online or simply text the word brad to 601-956-2878 and receive a link to the organization’s page to donate from your phone.

Egberts preliminary hearing is set for Sep. 24. District Attorney Bramlett says so far he has remained silent when questioned and in court.

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