NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A Lakeview resident lost thousands of dollars worth of possessions stolen in a burglary but the most valuable possession was a 3-month old Shar Pei puppy named “Toby.”

Shar Pei puppies can be worth as much as $1,800, and its owner Scott Elston is begging the thieves to return his pup safely!

“It could’ve been any one of these windows, but they were secured when I got back and my doors were locked,” Elston said.

Elston who lives on Orleans Avenue in Lakeview says he can’t understand why his house was broken into while he was out of town on Monday afternoon.

“It has caused a lot of turmoil in my life personally,” he said.

He’s a University of New Orleans student majoring in Geology and his school laptop, Xbox, desktop computer, and several paintings were all stolen. Everything valued around $10 thousand, but the most valuable thing stolen was his 3-month old Shar Pei puppy, “Toby.”

“Personally, I’m not materialistic. I just want my puppy back,” he said.

Elston went on to say, “I have been walking him around the neighborhood to leash train him for three weeks so maybe someone saw me walk him and they want to take the dog to breed him. He’s not neutered yet, or was it someone I know, maybe.”

Scott says he misses his puppy and without him he has an empty feeling.

“Toby’s personality is really laidback, almost like a cat. He’s not a rambunctious puppy, he’s calm and personally I love that. He calms me down,” Elston said.

Elston says he really misses spending time with the puppy but most of all he misses hearing him snore. The Humane Society of Louisiana is stepping in to help and try to find Toby.

“Your put yourself in Scott’s position and you come home and your beloved animal is now missing you don’t know where or why it happened,” Jeff Dorson, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana said.

“If we can get enough people to recognize what Toby looks like maybe I have a chance of getting him back,” Elston said.

In hopes of finding Toby they are offering a $1,300 reward. Both the Humane Society of Louisiana and the dog’s owner put in $500 each, and an anonymous donor also put in $300.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission says in Lakeview so far this year there have been 10 car burglaries, 10 stolen cars, and 2 homes were burglarized.

The reward will be given in exchange for the safe return of Toby. Those with tips can also call HSLA at 1-888-6-HUMANE (486-263) or email Toby’s owner at