HOUSTON (KIAH) — In an hour long interview with Radio host Charlamagne That God, Travis Scott shared new thoughts about the Astroworld Festival.

In an interview released on YouTube on Thursday with the intent to communicate, Scott said he feels he did everything he could about the situation.

He said he didn’t know exact details until minutes before the press conference. When told that people collectively screamed to stop the song each time to get his attention.

“Anytime you can hear something like that, you want to stop the show. You want to make sure the fans get the proper attention they need. Any time I could see anything like that, I did,” Scott said.

When asked about what he could see and hear, Scott explained.

“You have a view of like 50,000 people. You’ve got sound, lights, pyro, inner ear sound, you’ve got your mic. you’ve got music. You’ve got your bands. All type of stuff going on,” Scott said.

“Anytime you can feel anything close to you, you definitely get to that. You can only help what you can see and whatever you’re told. Whenever somebody tells you to stop, you stop. This wasn’t it.

“People didn’t show up there to be harmful,” Scott continued. “People showed up to have a good time and something unfortunate happened… and I think we just got to figure out, you know, what that was.”

As for “raging” and how to identify it in a crowd, Scott explained it is “an experience of having fun. Not just, or harm. It’s not about that. It’s just about letting go and having fun. Help others. You know, love each other. It’s not about harm. The energy is high.”

As for his initial video, the night of, Scott explains he was trying to get information out to his fans and communicate.

“I just wanted to get something out. My true intentions were to touch to the fans, families – we here. We grieving. And we’ll get through this process. At that time, we just knew that people passed. We didn’t know how.”

When asked about the trampling in the afternoon, hours before the concert even started, Scott said he wasn’t told about it. that police went to his trailer to congratulate him. That his merchandise booth was briefly shut down, then reopened.

When asked about if he had any prior knowledge of the poor planning and understaffing at the event, he said, “We just trust the professionals control what they can in the crowd.”

As for when the show ended, Scott said, “There was no communication on why the show would end.” Just that the show would end right after the guest came out. That guest was Drake.

When asked about being put upon for blame, Scott said, “I understand. I am the face of the festival. People want to put it on me. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s more about that. It’s more about stepping up to figure out what the problem is. I can take that.”

As for his music being called satanic, he said, “I’m a man of God. Your music is self expression. I always preach love. Love one another and step into that. People are just collecting and look at things, visuals, and have not idea of what art might be. Evil is not what we are a part of.”

On Tuesday, a judicial board has ruled that the more than 300 lawsuits that have been filed so far in Houston following a crowd surge at the Astroworld festival that left 10 people dead will be handled by one judge.

The consolidation order was issued Tuesday by a board of judges in Harris County.

Those who have been sued include Scott, who created the festival and was the headliner, concert promoter Live Nation and other companies connected to the event.

The consolidation that was granted Tuesday might conflict with a similar request that’s before a state panel overseen by the Texas Supreme Court.