Airlines waive fees as concerns over coronavirus go up


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– Several airlines are waiving fees if you need to change your flight as concerns go up over the coronavirus. ​​
​ ​
Many people are still going through with their travel plans even with coronavirus on their minds. One traveler is headed to Tampa, Florida from Jackson. ​
​Once he lands, Cardona says he’ll be even more cautious with 18 cases of coronavirus in Florida including two deaths. ​

Billy Guthrie and Joe Yerger told me their flight wasn’t full from Charlotte, North carolina. They believe it could be due to fears from the coronavirus. ​
“The flight was half full,” said Guthrie. “I fly a fair amount and every flight I’ve been on in a good many years has been completely ​full. This flight was not.” ​
“I saw two people wearing a masks,” said Yerger.​

If you are a worried traveler some airlines are offering some flexibility. Delta Air Lines just announced Monday its waiving fees for changing your flights. This includes tickets bought between March 1-31 and those scheduled to travel March 1- April 30. ​
“The rebooking is not charged but if you leave in the next two weeks and you fly instead into Venice suddenly out of ​Athens they’re going to recharge you the difference in airfare what the ticket would cost today to Athens, however, we have ​been able to get some of those waived which is an act of God,” said Anita Noe, the founder of Travel Planners LLC. ​

All airlines have different approaches, but Noe believes the airlines are trying to accommodate travelers. ​​

American Airlines and United Airlines are also waiving the fees, but you have to book a new ticket in March.

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