Belhaven Residential assisting renters in wake of the coronavirus


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – For a lot of people, the concern about the coronavirus is not if they will get sick, but if they will be able to afford to pay their rent.

Some have been furloughed, fired or told to take time off. Now, they are concerned about being evicted. However, one local residential company is making adjustments to help lease holders.

With more than 500 Belhaven Residential lease holders, there’s a sign of relief coming as they’re making attempts to make it as easy as possible during this difficult time.

The owner of Belhaven Residential is making accommodations to help those living in her properties as the economy is nearing a stand still.

“I think that we feel this great responsibility and this great burden, and we want to take care of the people that have taken care of us, which are our clients. And for me, my clients are our residents,” said Jennifer Welch, Owner of Belhaven Residential.

No one will be charged a late fee for April or May. Belhaven Residential will incur the cost of online and third party payments.

“While we are in uncharted territory and making up new decisions on a daily basis, it’s what’s in the best interest of our staff and our residents. They should just know that we are here. We’re totally engaged, and we’re giving this 100 percent,” said Welch.

No eviction will be conducted in May or April for the inability to pay. However, they do encourage you to pay what you can and complete the payment over time.

Belhaven Residential is seeking federal assistance and will pass the help on to people who live there.

According to the office of Governor Tate Reeves, “[They’re], working on various options to protect Mississippians and renters during this outbreak, including identifying potential federal funding to help support renters impacted by COVID-19.”

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