Byram expands COVID-19 emergency proclamation


BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – Several cities around the Jackson Metro are assessing their options on dealing with COVID-19 threats in their city while protecting city employees and facilities. In Byram, an emergency proclamation has been laid on the mayor’s desk.

On the same day as Mississippi saw it’s the first death from the Coronavirus, the City of Byram is ramping up their emergency proclamation with options of paid sick leave to city employees and securing city buildings.

In a wide-open City Hall, Byram Alderman met while emphasizing social distancing with four Alderman joining in by phone and making every visitor fill out health paperwork.

“We thought it was a good idea to keep up with who comes and goes in our city hall,” Mayor White explained. “And we want to know who came in and out.”

Since initiating the emergency proclamation earlier this week Byram Mayor White and the Board of Alderman voted unanimously to add options of paid sick leave for city employees if the mayor sees it’s necessary.

“It would be a committee which I’ll be forming that will make decisions about that,” Mayor White continued. “And you saw you have to do a lot of paperwork that’s required by Human Resources lady which we’re going to talk to.”

To avoid employees and people visiting city buildings spreading the Coronavirus steps are now being taken in the clerks and courts office to enforce social distancing.

“They’re not to use anyone else’s phones or computer,” city clerk Angela Richburg said. “They all have access to hand sanitizer and Clorox Wipes. Anybody handling any type of money has gloves. My employees are not to be speaking with any outside individuals unless they’re speaking to them through a glass window.”

In the private sector, Mayor White has yet to make it mandatory restaurants and bars stop dine-in services or close completely and doesn’t consider enforcing a move anytime soon.

“Walmart has already cut back their hours, Kroger has cut back their hours,” Mayor White argued. “Vals has cut their hours back. We’ve had at least two restaurants here close until further notice. That’s going to take care of itself.”

Members of the City of Byram government want to work to keep normalcy in a lot of their daily routines like having a public hearing coming up on Tuesday and continue to meet on Thursday.

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